Build Something Useful New From Scratch

We offer welding and fabrication in Mayfield, UT

Currently serving clients outside of Utah including:

Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming

The experts at Central Utah Welding and Fabrication know what it takes to put together a sturdy building that will serve your purposes. We don’t cut corners on any part of the welding and fabrication process.

We can create anything you need, including:

Hay stands, silos and barns for your farm
New doors and features for your office
Soccer fields and baseball stands for the park

Contact us today to get an estimate on welding and fabrication services in the Mayfield, UT including ares in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Erect pre-engineered buildings from the foundation up

Pre-engineered buildings are affordable and don’t take long to install. They hold up well and can work well as gyms, classrooms and warehouses.

You should consider a metal building for your next project because:

They can withstand wind, fire and hail
They’re durable and go up quickly
They’re easily modified after completion
They offer a lot of value per dollar
They can be used for almost any purpose

Call now so we can get to work constructing your pre-engineered buildings in the Saint George and Mayfield, UT as well as Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Find out how we can fabricate a building to your specifications.

Oilfield Services & Repair

Oilfield Services & Repair

Stop pipeline leaks before they get out of hand.

Welding Fabrication

Welding Fabrication

Design a custom gate or handrail for your home, farm or business.



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We’ve been serving the Saint George and Mayfield, UT area for over 20 years. Additionally, we serve clients within a 300-500 mile radius outside of Utah including Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming. You can count on us to bring attention to detail to every aspect of the job, from pouring the foundation to the finishing touches.

After working primarily for oil companies, now we want to reach out to homeowners and property managers who can benefit from our services. We strive to deliver exceptional results and give you the best finished product for the money.

Call us today to request a custom build. You’ll be making use of your new building in just a matter of days.

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